2020-08-06 – 2020-08-09 heldag

The Venue’s name is Breiðablik it’s the center of athletic activity for the town of Kópavogur which is part of the capitol area of Iceland. Breiðablik is an umbrella organization for a soccer team, a basketball team, track and field team, powerlifting and of course Karate.
In addition to the large halls for training we will have access to nice changing rooms with good showers, hot tub and sauna.
The address is Dalsmári 5, Kópavogur.

The hotel that we have been recommending for the camp is called “First hotel Kópavogur” it’s a really nice hotel that is walking distance from the venue. They are offering a discount for attendees of the summer camp. The address of the hotel is Hlíðarsmári 5 kópavogur.
In order to book a room with the discount, simply send an email to “ kopavogur@firsthotel.com” use the code WTKOkarate.
If you don’t want to stay at this hotel then any accommodation in the capitol area of Iceland is only going to be at most 15-20minutes by car from the venue. If you want any recommendations or have any questions feel free to contact Villi from WTKO-Iceland at vilhjalmurthoruson@gmail.com

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WTKO Summercamp 2020

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